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Princess Imogen’s Independent Day

Recommended for ages 3-7

From morning to night Princess Imogen had people fussing over her. But one day she told them all to STOP!

Blog shouting stop  Blog getting dressed

Princess Imogen wants to be allowed to do everything herself, and isn’t going to let a few practical problems get in her way.

Welcome Back Stanley

Recommended for ages 4-7

Stanley the tortoise has lived with Tom’s Grandpa for over fifty years. When Stanley goes missing, Tom comes up with a plan to get him back.


When not hibernating, or off on his own adventures, Stanley can sometimes be persuaded to make guest appearances!

Don’t Bother Martha!

Recommended for ages 3-7

Samuel is collecting treasures in his grandma’s garden, while Martha sits on her nest. Samuel knows what Grandma said: “Don’t bother Martha. Just let that chicken rest!” The story is structured around the days of the week and builds up through counting Samuel’s treasures. Children have fun joining in with the repeated refrains and the anticipation grows as Samuel gets closer to Martha’s nest.


Don’t Bother Martha! has been used in schools as a stimulus for children’s own story-making and to complement ongoing work in the classroom.

Nonna and the Mermaid

Recommended for ages 4-8

Izzy is good at finding treasures on the beach. When she brings her Nonna a tangle of blue rope, Izzy discovers that it holds a magical story.


Nonna and the Mermaid encourages children to create original stories, using simple objects as the starting point for their own creativity.

Double Trouble

Recommended for ages 4-8

Cinderella’s greedy grumpy sisters were never satisfied with what they were given. Cinderella did her best to keep them happy, but “Did they say thank you? No, they did not!” Children revel in the sisters’ outrageously bad behaviour, whilst siding firmly with the kind and generous Cinderella.

This story grew out of a series of drama and storytelling workshops, with a class who were enjoying a topic based on traditional tales. Double Trouble has been used to help children consider a story from different perspectives, and to develop strong characters in their own story-making.


A Busy Day on the Naughty Step

Recommended for ages 3-7

While Mum is busy with the new baby, George and his toys are having a busy day on the naughty step. Gran arrives just before bedtime with a suggestion that might help.

Christine O'Neill

A Busy Day on the Naughty Step allows children to laugh at George’s bad behaviour, whilst safely exploring feelings of jealousy, frustration, anger and regret. The toys are ready to visit your setting to help tell George’s story.


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